Sections are split using namespaces and you're free to create pages under each namespace we have set up. To start you simply need to edit the :start page of the namespace and add an internal link. You need to be logged in to do this, then simply go to one of the sections (listed below) and edit the top level page. To create an internal link you put the new page name surrounded by double square brackets like [[new page]]. When you save and click on your new link it will tell you the page doesn't exist, but the edit option to the right will allow you to create it.

Common Syntax to use while building out pages

If you have ideas that can't be solved by creating a page just hop on Discord and let know.

Tutorials and Guides

This section, as the name suggests, is for full guides. These can be full setups or individual functions, but should be more than just a tip or two.

Tips and Tricks

This section is for setup and operating tips as well as being a shared notebook of useful commands or procedures.

Product Facts

We don't want this section to be a duplication of data available on Ubiquiti's website or datasheets, but sometimes that information isn't quite right or non-existent. This section's goal is to collect information about their products that is spread through forums, blogs, and chat but not available on a more official source.

Please hotlink any datasheets for products so it's always an update to date version. As such, try to keep other information on the products limited to what's not in the datasheets and date it in case of future updates.

This is a list of pages that have been linked, but not yet been created.

# ID Links
1products:unifi:hardwarenavbox50 : Show backlinks
2products:unifi:datasheet_hotlink4 : Show backlinks
3products:software:unifi-controller:6.2_consolidated_change_log2 : Show backlinks
4products:software:unifi-controller:6.4_consolidated_change_log2 : Show backlinks
5products:unifi:quickstart_guide_hotlink2 : Show backlinks
6products:unifi:unifi_display_552 : Show backlinks
7products:unifi:unifi_switch_poe_162 : Show backlinks
8products:unifi:unifi_video_camera_g4_pro2 : Show backlinks
9products:unifi:unifi_voip_phone_pro2 : Show backlinks
10discord:mod:helpy_helperton_guidelines1 : Show backlinks
11products:air:airgrid_m1 : Show backlinks
12products:air:bullet_m1 : Show backlinks
13products:air:isostation_m1 : Show backlinks
14products:air:litebeam_m1 : Show backlinks
15products:air:nanobeam_m1 : Show backlinks
16products:air:nanobridge_m1 : Show backlinks
17products:air:nanostation_m1 : Show backlinks
18products:air:powerbeam_m1 : Show backlinks
19products:air:powerbeam_m5_iso1 : Show backlinks
20products:air:rocket_m1 : Show backlinks
21products:amplifi_lr_router1 : Show backlinks
22products:amplifi_meshpoint1 : Show backlinks
23products:amplifi_meshpoint_lr1 : Show backlinks
24products:amplifi_router1 : Show backlinks
25products:software:aircontrol:software_information1 : Show backlinks
26products:software:ucrm:software_information1 : Show backlinks
27products:software:unifi-app:software_information1 : Show backlinks
28products:software:unifi-controller:5.10_consolidated_change_log1 : Show backlinks
29products:software:unifi-edu-app:software_information1 : Show backlinks
30products:software:unifi-protect:software_information1 : Show backlinks
31products:software:unifi-video:software_information1 : Show backlinks
32products:software:unifi-voip:software_information1 : Show backlinks
33products:software:unms:software_information1 : Show backlinks
34products:unifi:aircam1 : Show backlinks
35products:unifi:aircam_dome1 : Show backlinks
36products:unifi:aircam_mini1 : Show backlinks
37products:unifi:edge:edgerouter_41 : Show backlinks
38products:unifi:unifi_ap1 : Show backlinks
39products:unifi:unifi_ap_ac1 : Show backlinks
40products:unifi:unifi_ap_ac_mesh1 : Show backlinks
41products:unifi:unifi_ap_ac_outdoor1 : Show backlinks
42products:unifi:unifi_ap_acv21 : Show backlinks
43products:unifi:unifi_ap_lr1 : Show backlinks
44products:unifi:unifi_ap_lrv21 : Show backlinks
45products:unifi:unifi_ap_outdoor1 : Show backlinks
46products:unifi:unifi_ap_outdoor51 : Show backlinks
47products:unifi:unifi_ap_pro1 : Show backlinks
48products:unifi:unifi_switch_industrial1 : Show backlinks
49products:unifi:unifi_switch_lite_8_poe1 : Show backlinks
50products:unifi:us_l2_24_poe1 : Show backlinks
51products:unifi:usw-16-poe1 : Show backlinks
52products:unifi:usw-241 : Show backlinks
53products:unifi:usw-24-poe1 : Show backlinks
54products:unifi:usw-24-pro1 : Show backlinks
55products:unifi:usw-24-pro-poe1 : Show backlinks
56products:unifi:usw-481 : Show backlinks
57products:unifi:usw-48-poe1 : Show backlinks
58products:unifi:usw-48-pro1 : Show backlinks
59products:unifi:usw-48-pro-poe1 : Show backlinks
60products:unifi:usw-aggregation-pro1 : Show backlinks
61products:unifi:usw-enterprise-24-poe1 : Show backlinks
62products:unifi:usw-lite-16-poe1 : Show backlinks
63snippets:datasheet_hotlink1 : Show backlinks
64snippets:quickstart_guide_hotlink1 : Show backlinks
65snippets:url1 : Show backlinks

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