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 {{:​guides:​settings_button.png?​30}} \\ {{:​guides:​settings_button.png?​30}} \\
 To access the settings in the controller click the gears icon in the lower right of the controller screen. \\ To access the settings in the controller click the gears icon in the lower right of the controller screen. \\
 ===== Site: ===== ===== Site: =====
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 === Site Name: === === Site Name: ===
-Friendly ​name of the site. This will show up as the site name in the controller.+Here you can tell the controller what name your site should be displayed asStandard it's marked ​as default, but especially when having multiple physical networks ​in a single ​controller, it can be useful to change this.
 === Country: === === Country: ===
-Physical location of site.+The country that the site resides in, defines a few things:\\ 
 +  * Each country has its own regulations regarding maximum output power and available channels. The US for instance, allows a maximum total power output of 36 dbi, while the Netherlands only allows 20 dbi. This is similar as with channels on both the 2.4 and 5 ghz radio'​s. 
 +  * It also is for assigning the location in your controller, so that you can distinguish between instances. 
 +//You might be thinking "well, i'll just change my settings to another country, so that I can crank up my power on my access points."​ But because each country comes with it's own channels, this usually doesn'​t work. Also keep in mind, when designing a network for use in situations where you might expect frequent visitors from other countries, that their equipment might not support all channels that are common in your country.//
 +=== Time Zone ===
 +Here you can select the time zone your network is in. This impacts the scheduling feature for updating firmware.
 ==== Services: ==== ==== Services: ====
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 === Advanced Features: === === Advanced Features: ===
-Only turn on if dealing with high density environments or if clients appear to be balancing strangely between 2.4ghz & 5ghz or if you are having trouble with clients not roaming well.+Enabling this feature will unlock the following settings: \\ 
 +  * Airtime fairness 
 +  * Band steering 
 +  * Minimum RSSI 
 +  * Load Balancing
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