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 [[Resetting Cloud Access Credentials on Deleted Admin Accounts]] [[Resetting Cloud Access Credentials on Deleted Admin Accounts]]
 +[[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​360043360253-UniFi-UDM-and-UDM-Pro-Emergency-Recovery-UI | UniFi UDM and UDM Pro Emergency Recovery UI]]
 ====Useful Tools==== ====Useful Tools====
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 === UniFi === === UniFi ===
 +[[https://​​questions/​UniFi-Installation-Scripts-or-UniFi-Easy-Update-Script-or-UniFi-Lets-Encrypt-or-Ubuntu-16-04-18-04-/​ccbc7530-dd61-40a7-82ec-22b17f027776|GlennR | UniFi Network Controller Easy Installation Script ]]
 [[new_unifi_controller|New UniFi Controller]] [[new_unifi_controller|New UniFi Controller]]
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