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 [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP LR]] [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP LR]]
 +[[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP LRv2]]
 [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP Pro]] [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP Pro]]
 +[[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP Outdoor]]
 [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP Outdoor+]] [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP Outdoor+]]
Line 25: Line 29:
 [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP AC]] [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP AC]]
 +[[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP ACv2]]
 [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP AC Outdoor]] [[products:​unifi:​UniFi AP AC Outdoor]]
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