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 =====UniFi Switch Flex Mini===== =====UniFi Switch Flex Mini=====
-{{https://​​s/​files/​1/​1439/​1668/​products/​USW-Mini_Front_Angle_4096x4096.jpg?200}}\\ +{{https://​​s/​files/​1/​1439/​1668/​products/​USW-Flex-Mini_Top_Angle_medium.png}}\\
- +
-<WRAP right round important 40%> +
-NOT for install.\\ +
-NOT for bidding on upcoming jobs.\\ +
-NOT for production use.\\ +
-Use at your own risk and please let Ubiquiti know if you find issues. \\ +
 **Series Type:** UniFi\\ **Series Type:** UniFi\\
-**Website Link:** [[https://​​collections/​early-access/​products/​usw-mini-beta|Switch Mini | Early Access Store]]\\+**Website Link:** [[https://​​collections/​routing-switching/​products/​usw-flex-mini|UniFi Switch ​Flex Mini 
 **Model:** USW-Flex‑Mini\\ **Model:** USW-Flex‑Mini\\
 **Type:** Smart Managed Gigabit Switch\\ **Type:** Smart Managed Gigabit Switch\\
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   - **Can only connect to the primary/​default VLAN**   - **Can only connect to the primary/​default VLAN**
       - Check that your switch port has all VLANs enabled (Try cycling the port through '​Disabled'​)       - Check that your switch port has all VLANs enabled (Try cycling the port through '​Disabled'​)
 +  - **To recover from a failed update follow the following procedure.**
 +      - Set up an http server with the IP of,​ save fwupdate.bin to the root of the server.
 +      - Enter recovery mode by holding the reset button before power on, plug in power to the mini and continue holding the reset button for 10 seconds.
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 {{page>​hardwarenavbox&​nofooter}} {{page>​hardwarenavbox&​nofooter}}
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