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 +=====UniFi ViOP Phone Flex=====
 +<WRAP right round important 40%>
 +NOT for install.\\
 +NOT for bidding on upcoming jobs.\\
 +NOT for production use.\\
 +Use at your own risk and please let Ubiquiti know if you find issues. \\
 +**Series Type:** UniFi \\
 +**Website Link:** [[https://​store.ui.com/​collections/​early-access/​products/​uvp-flex-beta| UVP Flex Beta | Early Access Store]]\\
 +**Model:** uvp-flex-beta\\
 +**Type:** VoIP Phone \\
 +**Description:​** The UniFi VoIP Phone Flex incorporates Ubiquiti’s next-generation VoIP Phone technology. Designed for use with the UniFi Talk Controller, the UniFi VoIP Phone Flex is conveniently powered by 802.3af PoE and includes a 2.57" (diagonal) display. It can be placed on a desktop or mounted on a wall.////\\
 +===== Features ======
 +* Setup and managed by the UniFi Talk Controller (required)
 +* Call functions: transfer/​redial/​mute/​hold
 +* Hands-free speaker and microphone
 +* Handset with mute button
 +* Powered by 802.3af PoE
 +* Two-line call support
 +* Digital voicemail (//Will be enabled in future software update//)
 +* (2) RJ45 10/100 Ethernet Ports
 +* (1) RJ9 4P4C Headset Port
 +* (1) RJ11 6P6C Handset Port
 +===== Resources =====
 +<WRAP download>​
 +FIXME [[<​Datasheet hotlink>​|Datasheet]]\\
 +FIXME [[<​Quickstart guide hotlink>​|Quickstart Guide]]\\
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