Third party software developments catalogued here for my benefit and for those who want to push the envelope on their device. There is no official support and any damage to your device is at your own risk.

  • UDM/UDMPro Utilities- Boostchicken's CNI tools: A collection of things to enhance the capabilities of your Unifi Dream Machine or Dream Machine Pro.
  • UDM/UDMPro Boot Script- Allows you to run a shell script at S95 anytime your UDM starts/reboots. Persists through reboot and firmware updates! It is able to do this because Ubiquiti caches all debian package installs on the UDM in /mnt/data, then re-installs them on every boot.
  • Let's Encrypt for Ubiquiti UbiOS firmwares- This script supports issuing LetsEncrypt certificates via DNS using Lego. Out of the box, it has support for AWS Route53 and Cloudflare DNS providers, and with a bit of work you could get it working with any of the supported Lego DNS Providers.
  • NTPD server for the UDM/pro.- NTPD server for the UDM/pro. You'll need boostchicken's CNI tools installed on the UDM in order to handle port mapping for the container.
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