UniFi Network Controller

The Ubiquiti Community hosts information about official/stable and beta releases for all software, including UniFi Network. Please search the Software Releases page on the community for current release information. Note that access to beta release information requires that you join the Early Access program. You can also download official/stable UniFi Network software directly from the UniFi Download page.

Sometimes older UniFi devices will be designated as obsolete/vintage by Ubiquiti and might not function properly in newer controller versions. The following are some community announcements related to older devices that might require staying with older controller releases.

  • Gen1 UAP-AC LTS Announcement - The following first generation 802.11ac devices require the latest 5.6.x release or older.
    • UAP-AC
    • UAP-AC-Outdoor
  • Obsolete AP Models Announcement - The following AP models will still be visible in newer controller versions, but will not be configurable in any controller version released after March 1, 2021. Use the latest 6.0.x release or older for full functionality.
    • UAP-Outdoor
    • UAP-Outdoor+
    • UAP-Pro
    • UAP-IW
    • UAP (v1+v2)
    • UAP-LR (v1+v2)
    • UAP-AC-EDU
Release Definition Current Version
Official Considered safe to use in production, pushed via public update channels
Formerly called Stable
Beta Release that we think can go Official without changes
Formerly called Stable Candidate and Release Candidate
LTS Maintained for some obsolete products (see announcement above) 5.6.42
Testing Feature-frozen, going to Beta (no longer used?) ?
Unstable Branch where new features are being added (no longer used?) ?

List of Consolidated Changelogs

The controller can be accessed via an HTTP API, which can be useful when advanced functionality is needed. We have created an API Documentation page with consolidated community knowledge about the API, since Ubiquiti doesn't provide this information themselves. There is a link to a basic shell API client that Ubiquiti does provide with each controller release. There are also several API clients that have been released by the community.

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