Unifi OS - Software Information

Unifi OS isn't really an "OS" from a technical perspective. It will look different on different devices, but the end user experience will be the same. It's better to view the Unif OS was the Web UI that manages the devices and controllers running.

The first target device is UDM-Pro and it will be launched for general availability with UniFi OS pre-installed.

  • Local portal available here: https://unifi/
  • Remote access available here:
  • SSH is disabled by default after setup and could be enabled in advanced settings.
  • Mobile apps are still in development (iOS version available on Testflight, Android via Google Play Store BETA)

UDM Pro has a base os install that appears to be a customized Alpine distribution.

This base os leverages podman to run a Debian container that runs all the controller and backend services required for each.

  • Network (pre-installed)
  • Protect (requires HDD)
  • LED
  • Talk
  • Accesss

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