Series Type: UniFi
Website Link: UCK-G2-PLUS
Model: UCK-G2-PLUS

Description: Manage your UniFi networking and video devices simultaneously with the new multi-application CloudKey G2 Plus. Designed for easy deployment, the CloudKey G2 Plus can be quickly configured over BlueTooth using the Ubiquiti mobile applications. The front-panel display shows vital system stats for your UniFi networking hardware and UniFi video cameras. A built-in battery provides protection against power loss. Includes a 1TB hard drive for video storage, upgradeable to 5TB if more storage is needed.

Dimensions 132.2 x 131.16 x 27.08mm (5.2 x 5.16 x 1.06")
Weight 560g (19.75oz)
Processor 8-core 64-bit ARM
Memory 3GB
Networking Interface Gigabit Ethernet, 802.3af PoE
USB ports 2x USB-C Ports
Buttons Power button, reset button
Power supply 802.3af PoE or USB-C QC 2.0
Max. Power Consumption 12.95W (PoE) or 16W (USB-C)
Certifications FCC, CE, IC

Can you upgrade the HDD?

  • "A small slider switch on the bottom ejects the hard drive. Tray is tool-free, just flex it a bit and drop the new hard drive in. System automatically reformats the drive and starts using it. Your recordings and settings will not be on the new hard drive (obviously) but we'll make it easy to migrate your settings. Kensington lock slot on the back also locks the HDD in place." Source
  • Tested with upto a 5TB Seagate.
  • PoE [power limitations] dictates 2.5" HDDs.

Will it suffer database corruption from power cycles?

  • No, The [built in] battery cleanly shuts the system down [after it loses power for >5sec].

Can I add NAS drives?

  • Not officially supported (yet). But you can SSH in.

G2 vs G2-PLUS

  1. the regular G2 does not host the video controller.
  2. NOTE: There may be other unconfirmed changes.

Does this support Unifi Video

  • Unifi Protect does support existing 2G & 3G cameras.
  • It does not run UniFi Video 3.0
  • UniFi Protect currently only supports full-time recording, not motion-only recording. We will add these features to UniFi Protect in the coming months.

What are the pins on the bottom for?

  • A rack mount accessory that apparently will have connections built in that link to the unit via pins in the bottom. Source

Is the unit rack mountable?

  • Yes. The UCK-G2-PLUS has some pins on the bottom for that purpose [rack mount]. They're hidden under a sticker in the photos. More info to come later Source

Unboxing Pictures Thanks to Jardin_Espanol

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