1.2 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

Released: March 21, 2011

Release Notes

  • Fix the latency issue with iPad, iPod4 and other mobile devices that are very aggressive with power-saving
  • Android phone connection problem
  • Guest portal redirect crashing Android browser
  • Fix the heartbeat interval
  • Debian package (Debian 5 - Debian 6, Ubuntu 9.04 - Ubuntu 11.04)

Released: February 20, 2011

Release Notes

  • VLAN issue fixed (returning vlan traffic should be forwarded correctly)
  • Fixed AP stuck at adoption state and improved adoption speed (turn Auto Firmware Upgrade "on" for best result)
  • Fixed manual AP's channel selection for certain country codes (e.g. Australia)
  • Enhance wireless performance (especially for power-saving clients)
  • Added UAP-LR support
  • Accepts Database Backup from different versions (1.2.0 and 1.2.1)

Note: Release 1.2.1 is the first mass production version of UniFi.

Released: December 16, 2010

Release Notes

  • Fix the problem where in-bound VLAN traffic not being forwarded correctly
  • Fix the QOS setting not taking effect
  • Enhance wireless performance and stability
  • Handle mobile devices (especially in power-saving mode) better
  • General bug fixes, UI enhancements, etc.
  • BG / N device and their power-saving status at a glance
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