4.9 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

New Features:

  • [CTLR] Make many changes, and apply once config style for UAP.
  • [CTLR] Add web terminal for UAP-AC-Lite, AC-LR, AC-Pro, AC-EDU.
  • [CTLR] Add backend framework for AC-EDU.
  • [USW] Add 802.1x support, along with RADIUS VLAN support.

Bugfixes/changes since 4.9.2:

  • [CTLR] Remove limit on printing vouchers (previously set to 3,000).
  • [CTLR] Fix issue where guest repeatedly unauthorized.
  • [UAPG2] Fixes which should prevent intermittent loss of IP connectivity.
  • [UAPG2] Fix issue with 5G DVLAN.
  • [UAPG2] Add LLDP support to fix Cisco PoE issue.
  • [UAPG2] Apply some fixes for spectrum scanning.
  • [UAPG2] Disable LDP debug server by default.
  • [UAP-IW] Fix issue with management VLAN.
  • [UAP] Fix issue with discovery v1 response.
  • [UAP] Fix memory leak on 1st gen AC (UAP-AC, UAP-AC v2, and UAP-AC-Outdoor).
  • [UAP] Add LLDP/CDP support to fix Cisco PoE issue.
  • [UAP] Revert patch for multicast rate issue when 802.11b STA present.
  • [USW] Make SDP logging less verbose.
  • [USW] Fix ambiguous fan level for US-16-150W.
  • [USG] Fix crash in offload which caused unexpected reboots of USG/USG-Pro-4.
  • [USG] Fix issue with packet corruption when ipv4 offload is enabled.
  • [USG] Fix NAT leaking issue, causing issues with some sites.
  • [USG] Fix issue with hotspot redirect, when USG handling redirect instead of UAP.
  • [USG] Fix issue with SNMP info not being populated.
  • [USG] Add support for comma separated entries for OpenVPN.
  • [USG] Fix NAT hairpin when dual WAN enabled.
  • [USG] Add rule offset when custom firewall/NAT rules in config.gateway.json.
  • [USG] Fix issue with client rate limiting.
  • [USG] Fix inform issue with various dual WAN configs.

New Features:

  • [UAPG2] Add RADIUS controlled VLAN support (see notes below download links).
  • [UAPIW] Add Ethernet VLAN tag option. Enable via device properties>configuration>services. This will add ports tab in device properties window.
  • [UAPIW] Add reset button enable/disable function (device properties>configuration>reset button).
  • [USW] Add VLAN overview within port configuration.


  • [CTLR] Fix dll injection vulnerability on Windows installer (details HERE).
  • [CTLR] Hash admin password, this means x_password is no longer used (see notes about this)

–plaintext x_password is removed from database. it is replaced by a hashed version x_shadow (salted SHA-512 hash) –

  • [CTLR] Fix DFS waiting on map.
  • [CTLR] Prevent device name written in javascript from executing.
  • [CTLR] ATF and bandsteering now both default disabled on device adoption.

bandsteering is default disabled and ATF remains default enabled. There's no change on this.

  • [UAPG2] Fix RF scan missing DFS channels.
  • [UAPG2] Add missing channel 144 (region dependent).
  • [UAPG2] Fix 1st gen>2nd gen wireless uplink interop issue.
  • [UAPG2] Fix wireless uplink VLAN issue.
  • [UAPG2] Fix rate table init logic.
  • [UAPG2] Adjustments which should help lessen intermittent connectivity experienced with some devices.
  • [UAPG2] Bypass netfilter code on non-guest VAPs. Please see known limitations listed HERE.
  • [UAPG2] Fix issue with ATF on 2G.
  • [UAP] Code changes to fix mem leak experienced in certain scenarios.
  • [UAP] Modify bandsteering behaviour to fix issue with some 2G devices.
  • [UAP] Refined Noise Floor calibration algorithm.
  • [UAP] Make ntpclient more persistent.
  • [UAP] Fix bug with WPA-Enterprise on 1st gen AC models.
  • [UAP] Fix multicast rates, with STA that use older protocols.
  • [USW] Decrease log verbosity when STP is disabled.
  • [UGW] Adjust DPI data handling, which is first step to help prevent unexpected reboots.

New Features:

  • [CTLR] Add show system config function - simple overview of site configuration.
  • [CTLR] Add web terminal for USW (Device properties>Configuration>Advanced Config>Debug Terminal)
  • [UAPG2] Add ATF to UI
  • [UAPG2] Enable DFS for non US/CA
  • [USG] Add option for USG to configure VOIP port as WAN2 (Settings>Site>USG Port Remapping)
  • [USG] Add LAN2 config for USG-Pro-4
  • [USG] Add weighted load balance option for dual WAN
  • [USG] Add VPN clients/site-to-site configs to UI under Settings>Networks.


  • [CTLR] Fix missing bandsteering config for gen2 UAPs.
  • [CTLR] Fix issue restoring backup in IE.
  • [CTLR] Add some extra verification to network input.
  • [CTLR] Add some extra verification to DDNS input.
  • [CTLR] Fix double provisioning when setting VLAN on WAN.
  • [UAP] Revise ebtables rules for non-guest SSID.
  • [UAP] Adjust beacon to fix issue with some devices connecting to 1st gen AC.
  • [UAP] Fixes for issues with devices connecting to UAP-Pro when bandsteering enabled.
  • [UAP] Fix some race issues with mcad and uplink-monitor.
  • [UAP] Add fixes for users able to bypass portal with DNS2TCP.
  • [UAP] Make ntpclient more persistent.
  • [UAPG2] Fix 1st gen>2nd gen wireless uplink interop issue.
  • [UAPG2] Fix rate table init logic.
  • [UAPG2] Fix multicast rates, which was causing some devices (especially using older protocols).
  • [USG] Fix block user function.
  • [USG] Add fixes for users able to bypass portal with DNS2TCP.
  • [USG] Fixes for issues with portal caused by dual WAN.
  • [USW] Add mass power cycle option to reboot button.

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