5.1 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.1.0:

  • Add message on Static Routes page if there is no USG
  • Fix Chinese translations
  • Fix high CPU usage on dashboard page (remove animations)
  • Remove minutes option from Auto Backup occurrence settings
  • Fix Firewall Settings page on webRTC

New Features:

  • Add Static Routes and Firewall rules (beta) in Settings.
  • Add Auto Backup in Settings.
  • Add Remember me to login page (extend session timeout to 24h).
  • Device details: Add Channel Utilization.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.0.8:

  • Add DPI category/app/client views in Statistics.
  • Improve Setup Wizard.
  • Allow overriding angular Hotspot Portal files
  • Disable Custom Upgrade when Auto Upgrade is on
  • Fix wrong number of devices in channel occupancy graph on Dashboard
  • Fix select maps dropdown
  • Store less, fetch more approach to insights, alerts, events, settings, admins
  • UI performance improvements
  • Portal changes
  • Add configurable list of languages in Hotspot Portal
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