5.3 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.10:

  • Fix for saving Controller settings (override inform url, live chat, discoverable).
  • Fix error connection catch context in debug terminal.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.9:

  • Update translations
  • Show Controller settings to super admin only
  • Improve WebSocket connection while using WebRTC
  • Fix Radius VLAN modes

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.8:

  • Fix getting most active UAP in Stats/Quick Look.
  • Remove unsupported PoE mode (24V) from US-8-60W.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.7:

  • Add Google Map API key entry in Controller settings view.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes ported from 5.4.4:

  • Update translations (CS, DE, ES, NL, PL, ZH).
  • Add translations (SV).
  • Add advanced feature toggle to site settings.
  • Fix loading map image through WebRTC.
  • Update image maps to make it work with latest Safari and Firefox.
  • Show/hide map topology links based on devices visibility.
  • Add topology on maps.
  • Add automatic uplink failover to site settings.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.6:

  • Add option to enable Automatic Uplink Failover (found under Settings>Site>Uplink Connectivity Monitor).
  • Add "Learn more" link to WLAN form warnings
  • Change error message for invalid backup version
  • Update chart legends in Switch Stats
  • Store and use last selected time interval in Statistics Overview

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.5:

  • Add support for Spanish.
  • Display 0 when no devices found in invetory device carth.
  • Add Czech, German, Greek, Indonesian to the list of languages supported by Hotspot Portal.
  • Add dBm to wireless uplink details.
  • Add throughput warnings to WLAN form.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes ported from 5.4.3:

  • Add speedtest interval in Settings
  • Improve switch stats
  • Fix scroll to switch port to account for stick title overlap
  • Show switch fan levels
  • Add dBm to AP wireless uplinks and downlinks tables
  • Remove confirm restart "Cycle PoE power" option from non-PoE switches
  • Updated older APs to use green-ringed icon

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.4:

  • Add French to the list of languages supported by Hotspot Portal
  • Fix DPI charts
  • Update RADIUS password field
  • Fix UI version
  • Add DFS flag to channel config view
  • Fix bps value in voucher list
  • Add IP to Admin login event
  • Fix positions of tooltips
  • Add note to WLAN group legacy support
  • Add loading spinner on Insights pages
  • Deploy proper default route metrics to USG versions >=4.3.30, fixing many multi-WAN issues.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes ported from 5.4.x:

  • Fix attaching Google Analytics script in older browsers
  • Show more details in device list radio columns
  • Improve content of health stats tooltips on Dashboard
  • Add confirmation dialog before restoring from autobackup
  • Improve configuration for Hotspot Social Authentication
  • Differentiate PoE and PoE+ in switch diagram
  • Add new topology view in maps (Beta)
  • Change Zip to Zip / Postal Code label in hotspot payment fields (for other countries than US)
  • Improve port PoE capability detection
  • Scroll to top when property panel is opened
  • Improve Insights/Switch Stats (use device dropdown list)
  • Allow using API only for Angular hotspot authorization
  • Enable port mirroring for all switch ports
  • Fix empty dropdown value on Guest Control languages list
  • Change default value for DTIM

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.3:

  • Added the ability to define custom switch port diagrams.
  • Fix aggregated port graphs on switch statistics page.
  • Fix recent activities on statistics page.
  • Added disabled device state notification.
  • Fix access to hotspot manager pages for operators.
  • Fix running controller as a service on true x64 Windows system.
  • Upgrade bundled Tomcat to 7.0.70

New Features from 5.3.2:

  • Added switch statistics page
  • Added AP config copy
  • Added AP disable option
  • Added Beta hotspot 2.0

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.2:

  • Improved batch editing of device config
  • Fixed special characters in translations
  • Added preference for disabling websocket
  • Fixed case when there is no selected map
  • Added bandwidth info of neighboring AP, and grey out RSSI if too old
  • Changed property panel adopt icon to blue
  • Improved stability of WebRTC connections
  • Added new rfscanning state
  • Added modal with data retention update
  • Enabled autobackup during initial setup
  • Added pt_PT language to hotspot portal
  • Do not allow read-only users to create vouchers
  • Added search functionality to site overview modal and full page
  • Added alert count to site overview pages
  • Show more than just "Enabled" for WLAN overrides
  • Renamed state from "Pending approval" to "Pending adoption"
  • Adopt button in panels use reverse and round action icon style
  • Show backend version in controller settings
  • Added performance improvements on device page
  • Added check device firmware update button to settings

New Features from 5.3.1:

  • Added memory usage and load average to AP and switch details
  • Added the ability to config gateway, switch and AP LED on/off state
  • Added LED config option to device General config form
  • Added smart banner for iPhone/iPad devices.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.1:

  • Enabled batch editing
  • Fixed confirm model for restore backup
  • Added shorter time filter options for neighboring AP insight.
  • Fixed INFORM_ERROR state and allow adopting in this state
  • Fixed http hostname lookup during app load
  • Setting default autobackup expression to monthly
  • Toggle size of Map Device Markers
  • Showing backup file size
  • Add UK to countries supported by Stripe

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.3.0:

  • Toggle size of Map Device Markers
  • Improve labels for radio channel config
  • Show backup file size
  • Add UK to countries supported by Stripe

New Features from 5.2.2:

  • Add batch edit of APs.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.2.2:

  • Improve webrtc connection for debug terminal.
  • Improve icons in switch diagram.
  • Improve RF RSSI graph.
  • Add timezone to cron expressions for auto-backup.
  • Fix login issue in Safari, when websocket is blocked.
  • Fix drag&drop for firewall rules.
  • Fix truncated tooltips in Preferences.
  • Fix positioning of chart tooltips.
  • Improve look of checkboxes and radio buttons in Firefox.

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