5.5 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.26:

  • Backend improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.24:

  • Upgrade Tomcat to 7.0.82.
  • Security improvement.
  • Various backend bugfixes and improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.23:

  • Fix for wrong data in VLAN column in WLAN list.
  • Revert "change auto VPN VTI subnet mask to /30" as it needs to be reworked.
  • Various backend fixes and improvements.
  • Security improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.22:

  • Change auto VPN VTI subnet mask to /30.
  • Security improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.21:

  • Display WLANs table in Property Panel for In-Wall.
  • Fix an issue preventing switch ports from coming up after being disabled.
  • Fix a bug with IW causing the port to be disabled when the VLAN is off.
  • Fix a backend bug with guest access.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.20:

  • MAC address input validation improvements.
  • Fix a provisioning issue which would clear USG WAN settings.
  • Improvements for Ethernet bonding support on UAPs (on supported devices).
  • Improve topology view when using wireless uplinks.
  • Allow setting device credentials during setup and new site wizards.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various backend fixes and improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.19:

  • Fix port mirroring range.
  • Fix app with Chinese translations.
  • Add Google to social transactions.
  • Do not display number of clients for site-to-site VPN.
  • Limit MAC ACL list to 512 per WLAN group.
  • Add VAP BSSID filter to devices page.
  • Fix the issue causing storm control settings to be provisioned, even when disabled.
  • Update bundled Tomcat to 7.0.79.
  • Always deploy WAN_OUT firewall rules and remove control.
  • Improve 802.1X provisioning on USW, so that switch does not get blocked.
  • Fix site-to-site connection status on VPN health widget.
  • Improvement to the broadcast/multicast filter.
  • Various security improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.18:

  • Fix Enable VPN client in VPN Network settings.
  • Adjust unifi.init so it detects Oracle JDK 8 installed via PPA.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.17:

  • Fix Hotspot Analytics date range when switching between Guests and Hotspot Analytics.
  • Fix changing rules order in firewall.
  • Fix the issue when creating firewall groups.
  • Raise the WLAN group load balance limit to 200.
  • Fix a bug causing duplicate downlinks to show in the controller UI.
  • Fix group AP editing issue.
  • Update OUI table.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.16:

  • Fix a DB migration issue specific to speed test data.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.15:

  • Allow RADIUS Profile secret to accept any string.
  • Hide RADIUS Profile secret for read-only admins.
  • Improve VPN health status.
  • Fix wired uplink stats on AC-HD when using bonding.
  • Fix an issue when trying to register controller with UniFi cloud tie in (
  • Fix DB migration issue, which caused stats to not be visible in the UI post upgrade when upgrading from ⇐5.4.x.
  • Various backend improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes ported from 5.4.18:

  • Add Support file warning.
  • Improve navigation accessibility.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.14:

  • Fix clearing statistics.
  • Add HSTS support (default disabled). Controllable via only.
  • Fix uplink status when using bonding on AC-HD.
  • Fix an issue with the remote IP in WebRTC logging, previously was always
  • Various backend improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.12:

  • Fix services link not visible on mobiles.
  • Fix removing items on WebRTC connection.
  • Allow antenna gain of 0.
  • Support UAP-AC-IW-Pro.
  • Support USW L2 PoE.
  • Increase broadcast and multicast MAC limit to 256 per site.
  • Update WebRTC JNI to v1.0.17.
  • Update bundled Tomcat package to 7.0.78

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.11 (in unreleased 5.5.12):

  • Updated firewall rule button styles.
  • Use bps instead of bytes per seconds.
  • Fix problem with enabling Cloud Access.
  • Handling ESC on cloud access modal.
  • Restrict 5 minutes data retention.
  • Switch port usage graph: prevent displaying connected both Device and Client.
  • Update bundled snappy-java to
  • Update bundled JRE to 8u131 b11 for Mac controller.
  • Improve WebRTC debugging.
  • A security improvement.
  • Fix an issue when granting admin privileges on a site.
  • A DB migration improvement.
  • Generate a SHA512 password if device firmware is capable of it.
  • Update OUI table.
  • Remove TLSv1 from default SSL protocols for Java 7/8.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.10:

  • Move the AP channel utilization graph into the header.
  • Add memory and load avg. to device list columns.
  • Show only adopted APs in Recent Activities in Statistics.
  • Rename all-time top client.
  • Update validation hint for maximum number of stations in wireless network group.
  • Show DB migration progress.
  • Grey out disabled WLAN rows in Property Panel.
  • Improve chart animations.
  • Add autofocus on 2FA token field.
  • Allow cancel migration of device.
  • Fix Not Authorized/Bad Request on first launch after accepting SDN Invitation.
  • Fix WAN load balance config, so that it actually provisions to the USG.
  • DB migration improvements.
  • Fix firewall rule validation.
  • Improve LAN address identification on USG.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.9 (in unreleased 5.5.10):

  • Fixed map list unplaced device sorting.
  • Add UniFi AP AC In Wall hybrid capability.
  • Allow switch downlinks table to scroll.
  • Updated WLAN group load balancing limit.
  • Add new AT switches.
  • Fix memory leak in WebRTC.
  • Improve WebRTC performance.
  • Improve WebSocket performance.
  • Improve FQDN regex.
  • Fix VLAN validation.
  • Improve performance on Statistics/Overview page.
  • Allow migrate only adopted and connected devices.
  • Enhance PayPal labels and password field.
  • Do not display FB and Google section if FB or Google was enabled for AngularJS and then switched to Legacy JSP.
  • Update WebRTC JNI.
  • Update bundled Tomcat.
  • Pull config version on device refresh.
  • Error log when attempting to update a config of an unadopted devices.
  • Support SSO Cloud Access with 2FA.
  • Time series improvement and bugfix.
  • Various backend improvements.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.8:

  • Add pagination in Settings / Network list.
  • Disallow svg upload for guest portal images.
  • Fix displaying sections on Guest Control settings page.
  • Fix radius user save over WebRTC.
  • Fix clickable area of alerts full screen button.
  • Fix site settings save error.
  • Fix refreshing networks in switch property panel on network add/remove.
  • Security improvements.
  • Update the bundled WebRTC JNI package.
  • Sign Windows installer package.
  • Remove restricted U-NII-2C channels when Canada country code is set.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.7:

  • Fix auto backup data retention days.
  • Hide UGW port remap if UGW4 exists.
  • Use RADIUS assigned VLAN only for WPA-EAP.
  • Display link to Hotspot Manager in Site Switcher only if Guest Portal is enabled.
  • Fix 404 error when switching sites while editing.
  • Fix e-mail validation.
  • Use monthly value as default occurrence in Auto Backup settings.
  • Fix number of devices in filter buttons on Known Clients page.
  • Restore open panel functionality from device marker on map.
  • Enable reset button after hotspot package removal.
  • Improve Cloud Connection error tooltip.
  • Improve header icons.
  • Improve placeholders and regular expressions.
  • Add FQDN or local validation to domain name.
  • Fix port forward validations.
  • Fix domain name validation.
  • Fix issue with controller causing too many directs (controller side fix for UNIFI-457).
  • Add validation for RADIUS profile VLAN mode.
  • Fix issue with community string changing to public, regardless of configured value.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.6:

  • Add Hotspot Manager link to site switcher.
  • Relocate Hotspot 2.0 to Services section.
  • Add option to report WebRTC connection errors to cloud.
  • Use lower scale Throughput graph to increase rendering performance on Safari/iOS.
  • Enable tunnelled reply by default.
  • Improve vouchers quota.
  • Update translations.
  • Improve date picker.
  • Allow displaying WLAN schedule in 24 hour format when "Use 24-hour time" preference is on.
  • Adapt no data / no security gateway messages on Dashboard page.
  • Fix device menu when toggling small/normal markers on Map page.
  • Fix icons on clients graph on Dashboard page.
  • Fix speed test column chart.
  • Fix USG badge and tooltip on DPI Settings page.
  • Fix typo in validation hints for IP.
  • Improve locate button behaviour.
  • Update OUI table.
  • Show L2TP remote user VPN on dashboard, and remote user VPN insights.
  • Fix issue where the local DNS record for unifi may not provision when using USG.
  • Fix an issue with current day stats being improperly calculated.
  • Fix an issue with fixed IP handling.

New Features:

  • Add DHCP default domain support.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.5:

  • Batch edit clients.
  • Display channel names in new consistent way - e.g. 3 (1,+1) HT40, 151 (149,+1) VHT40
  • Allow disabling site-to-site VPN.
  • Enable finding device on map in read only mode.
  • Fix values for data retention in Maintenance Settings.
  • Display only historical rx/tx bytes on Known Clients page.
  • Change guest authorization status to display expiration date when expired.
  • Use Angular templates by default in Guest Authorization Settings.
  • Remove "new" badge from Angular templates and remove "beta" badge from template overrides and languages
  • Fix expiration dropdown on Guest Control settings page.
  • Fix success messages on saving configuration.
  • Fix various Auto Backup setting issues.
  • Fix latency color in legend of Throughput graph.
  • Small UI Improvements.
  • Remove VoIP interface from controller.
  • Update WebRTC library.
  • Default enable MSS clamping on VTI.

New Features:

  • Add Device Performance (CPU/Memory) to Statistics page.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.4:

  • Show AP channel utilization in Properties and Devices list page.
  • Add granularity to Statistics (5mins/1h/1d).
  • Configure Data Retention for each granularity of Statistics in Settings/Maintenance.
  • Redesign inputs for date picking.
  • Increase precision of Throughput chart on Dashboard page.
  • Add Force Provision button to Properties/Manage Device.
  • Add PMF controller to WLAN group settings.
  • Add first seen column to Known Clients list page.
  • Add free-trial authorization column to Guests list in HostSpot Manager.
  • Show Gateway column in Payments and Social views in HostSpot Manager.
  • Fix USG/USG-P4 port labels.
  • Fix displaying Hotspot Analytics page when Guest Portal is disabled.
  • Fix client status ordering.
  • Show terminal for UAP-AC-IW.
  • Change Revoke RADIUS user to Delete with new icon.
  • Add - as placeholder.
  • Rename Name server placeholder to DNS server.
  • Fix content of tooltips on Dashboard page.
  • Prohibit deselecting current device in Performance view.
  • Added icon to switch port list.
  • Improve Insights > Switch stats.
  • Fix data retention values in Settings.
  • Fix changing granularity in Statistics > Performance page.
  • Change Revoke button to Delete button on Admins list.
  • Fix issue with sending large files over WebRTC (i.e. backups).
  • Prohibit as an address-group member, as it isn't a valid entry in the firmware.
  • Fix missing TX packets in VPN health data.
  • Improve some backend validations.

Controller bugfixes/changes ported from 5.4.12:

  • Improve email templates.

New Features from 5.5.3:

  • Hotspot Analytics.
  • WLAN - broadcast/multicast blocking.
  • Minimum rate control (v2).
  • VPN status on dashboard.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.3:

  • Fix tooltip positioning.
  • Make Edit Account frame bigger to make enough room for labels in all languages.
  • Allow to edit firewalls settings when no USG is adopted.
  • Animate map menu.
  • Remove RADIUS VLAN from wireless networks.
  • Fix RADIUS Tunnel Type validation.
  • Extend Radius server validation to not allow disabling it if there is a device that uses Default profile.
  • RADIUS user form fixes and improvements.
  • RADIUS improvements.
  • Fix missing list of RADIUS Profiles in property panel switch configuration.
  • Highlight Topology paths.
  • Move Settings RADIUS to Services section.
  • Fix Statistics Overview initializer.
  • Batch restart APs.
  • Topology Improvements.
  • Improve Topology detection.
  • Switch Statistics: show device connected to a port.
  • Map Marker Button: tweak icons position.
  • Improve Notify Device Requirement performance.
  • SVG Map zooming improvement.
  • Fix pending change tag color.
  • Remove BETA badge from RADIUS assigned VLAN for Wireless Network.
  • Allow AP properties WLAN table to wrap.
  • Devices - grey out entries when WLAN group is off.
  • Fix speed test ping translation.
  • Preferences: Add save & close button.
  • Firewalls - Limit group name to 31 characters.
  • Update translations.
  • Update bundled Tomcat to 7.0.75.
  • Remove USG ICMP items.

Controller bugfixes/changes ported from 5.4.11:

  • Add Migrate Site (Export Site) Wizard.
  • Fix slow database backup.
  • Fix RADIUS profile migration issue.

Elite Controller only:

  • Add chat_elite tag to chat in Elite Controllers.
  • Fix discovering devices on Windows machines.

New Features:

  • Add admin overview, found in site overview area.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.2:

  • Fix issue with unused cache not clearing as expected, causing controller to die because of a memory leak.
  • Add missing firewall rule for L2TP server.
  • Add colour to RF scan results.
  • Add missing SFP module info tooltips for UniFi Switch.
  • Various RADIUS validations added.
  • Set max SSID length to 32 characters.
  • Various topology view improvements.
  • Add ability to mark rogue APs as known.
  • Add support for Catalan, Norwegian (Bokmal) and Slovak languages on Hotspot.
  • Add validation for USG/USW SNMP community string.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes ported from 5.4.10:

  • Fix available manual negotiation options for 10GBASE-T ports.

Elite Controller only:

  • Handle license registration error on device adopt.
  • Fix saving Controller Settings for Elite.

New Features:

  • Add L2TP over IPsec option for remote user VPN config. Please see our post HERE.

Controller bugfixes/changes since 5.5.1:

  • Fix RADIUS config validation.
  • Allow to Configure RADIUS section only when USG is available.
  • Fix the issue with autobackup not running and leaving the controller in a busy state until a service restart.

Controller bugfixes/changes ported from 5.4.9:

  • Improve dynamic Dashboard.
  • Improve loading DPI statistics.
  • Improve Topology view.
  • Improve Image Map performance.
  • Update translations.
  • Add Catalan translations .
  • Fix saving Settings > Controller.
  • Add user group override notice, client list user group column.
  • Fix panel expand/collapse icon aliasing.
  • Added LAG support to AP > Network configuration.
  • Add limited amount of LAN DHCP leases notice.
  • Add minRSSI noise floor notice.
  • Add expand/collapse icon to device list actions column.
  • Disallow SVG image type in Maps.
  • Add progress bar for backup upload.
  • Fix the issue with the missing configuration tab after using site import/export.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.5.0:

  • Add AP tagging.
  • Support FreeRADIUS.
  • Add device configuration warning bar with real time input updates.
  • Make Dashboard widgets configurable.
  • Update color used for upload and download values.
  • Rename vpn client to vpn type.
  • Set next hop for static route as default.
  • Remove voip option from available networks purposes.
  • Fix initial value of data retention days.
  • Add special icons for UCK client.
  • Performance improvements on Dashboard.
  • Add beta warning for languages other than English.
  • Add Turkish translations.
  • Update translations.
  • Add Danish, Norwegian and Turkish to the languages supported by Hotspot Portal.
  • Add button for toggling clients visibility on Topology view.

Controller Bugfixes/Changes Ported from 5.4.7:

  • Fix installing Discovery Tool.
  • Fix bypassing find devices with L3.
  • Fix RADIUS profile saving.
  • Fix preference panel refresh rate not populating on change.
  • Improve layout of Switch Statistics view.
  • Increase width of terminal.
  • Auto fit too big image when the zoom level is not set on image map.
  • Set storm control packet minimum to 100.

Controller Bugfixes/changes since 5.4.7:

  • Performance improvements.

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