5.9 UniFi Controller Consolidated Change Log

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.22:

  • Default Dashboard: update layout.
  • Anomalies widget: use preffered stats timezone.
  • Display only whole numbers in User count graph.
  • Setting → Maintenance (and others) - fix busy spinner showing on non-related buttons.
  • Fix refreshing Assoc. widget and Dashboard Navigation optimization.
  • Fix overlapping icons inside nav menu.
  • Fix: AP name in AP Retry Rate chart tooltip is sometimes missing.
  • Prevent AP Retry Rate plot higher than 100% for old firmware.
  • Fix incorrect height of empty dashboard widgets on a narrow screen.
  • Prevent Association Failures, WiFi Clients and Time To Associate widgets to interfere with each other.
  • Fix case when Clients tab in Property Panel is not working.
  • Fix some bugs in Fast Roaming provisioning.
  • Fix rogue count in Radio AI.
  • Fix a migration issue.
  • Topology: truncate ESSID if too long (more than 14 chars).
  • Topology: fix reported LAN clients when using LACP on USW.
  • Don't exclude all port forwarded ports from policy routing.
  • Don't mark devices that are `Managed By Other` as upgradable.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.20:

  • Add description to DPI blocking rules.
  • Fix inverted TX/RX column headers.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.20:

  • Fix default Cloud Access default when creating new admin.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.16:

  • Add modal to confirm override inform url in Settings/Controller.
  • Fix controller settings for reporter.
  • Fix translations for unavailable modules on Custom Dashboard.
  • Fix case when 'Edit widgets' button is (not) visible when it should(n't) be.
  • Reset button in Site settings not available when Download/Upload values were changed via Pre-populate option.
  • Fix AP downlinks accordion heading.
  • Fix the ability to disable port forward entries.
  • Fix a condition which may prevent the admin's ability to disable UniFi Cloud access.
  • Update free space alert.
  • Take locally configured WAN VLAN ID into account when adopting USG.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.12:

  • Add enable port forwarding option.
  • Add firewall default match log control.
  • Dashboard Top Devices widget - Do not exclude devices with value equal zero (for example channel util.).
  • Remove TKIP only option from WPA security mode.
  • Fix bug that would reset USG port speed/duplex to defaults on controller upgrade.
  • Fix empty Clients list when coming from Dashboard with Clients Freq. Distribution widget present.
  • Fix default placeholder for country selection in Geo IP Filtering.
  • Fix navigation on mobile devices.
  • Fix handling controller offline and loading messages.
  • Fix for UI validation of supported User Groups Bandwidth Limit.
  • Fix translations in Terminal.
  • Statistics/Overview: sometimes Top AP traffic value is missing.
  • Hide icons for unused ports in property panel for USG.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.10:

  • Improve integration with new Cloud Access
  • IPv6 leading zeros filtering on IPS view.
  • Add support for IPv6 on IPS view.
  • dd WAN Class of Service QoS tagging support, for Google Fiber and similar fiber ISPs that require it.
  • Fix left side bar navigation on small screen.
  • Fix: Right part of WiFi clients graph is cleared when Properties Panel is closed.
  • Fix calendar in events/alerts.
  • Fix debug terminal when UniFi Cloud access is disabled.
  • Restore controller's ID after site change and allow page to refresh.
  • Add setup size status for UniFi Cloud Key.
  • Allow forced adoption in case the adopted device limit is reached.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • IPS Dashboard.
  • New Cloud Access integration.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.9:

  • Updated Layout.
  • Downloading autobackup marked.
  • Add No-IP to the list of dynamic DNS providers.
  • Add toggle/expand all for IPS settings sections.
  • Improve labels for Local Login with UBNT Account feature.
  • Fix stacking "Devices with upgrades".
  • Dashboard Health Status should not indicate devices that are Disconnected during FW Upgrade.
  • Fix pagination on DPI Category view.
  • Fix: DPI Category view - categories not clickable.
  • Fix missing translation for disabled network.
  • Fix that WAN Interface in UPnP is not visible.
  • Fix empty stats when using WAN2 interface.
  • Improve binaryPrefix service to work with negative numbers.
  • Scheduled upgrades time ranges should respect 12/24h format settings from preferences.
  • "Show Pending Devices" should be enabled by default for all new Admins.
  • Tweak X axis tick resolution (switch from weeks to months at 4 months breakpoint, not 6 as was earlier).
  • Fix missing time range in chart's tooltip in case of 5 minutes granularity.
  • Various backend bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.8:

  • Add Download Device Info button to get device information from backend cache.
  • Add tooltip for DHCP option 43.
  • Enable RF scanning for UAP-nanoHD.
  • Fix console error related with coverage on Google maps.
  • Fix AC-EDU Streams condensed list display.
  • Fix a bug with AC-IW/IW-Pro provisioning which caused traffic to stop forwarding when the management VLAN and a WLAN VLAN are the same.
  • Fix RADIUS accounting for switching products.
  • Various backend bug fixes and improvements.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.6:

  • Add Remove Payment button to transactions list.
  • Add Remove Personal Data button to transactions list.
  • Add: Maps labels - Reset options to All.
  • Clients list: display WiFi satisfaction as bar.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Update translations.
  • Dashboard: fix AP count glitches every update.
  • Fix duplicated OAuth redirect URIs.
  • Remove extra PHY port for USG-XG.
  • Update 'remember me' tooltip.
  • Omit /0 networks from USG guest firewall group config as they are unsupported.
  • Filter unsupported channel widths from auto-channel scan (reported HERE).
  • Fix device scale button.
  • Fix decoding UTF-8 characters over WebRTC connection.
  • Fix translations in Alerts side navigation popover.
  • Fix restoring from autobackup on SD card.
  • Various backend bug fixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • Analytic Reporting.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.4:

  • Dashboard - AP retry rate: add legend.
  • Add TX power and EIRP to detailed view.
  • Add validation preventing duplicate fixed IPs.
  • Add STP block port event.
  • Improve client list performance.
  • Improve accuracy of reported wireless uplink candidates.
  • Rename duplicated translation key for connectivity monitor.
  • Grey out MAC filtering options when Enable filtering MAC address is unchecked.
  • Minor dashboard fixes (js console exceptions).
  • Use coordinates for auto-channel.
  • Disable host record for static DHCP mappings.
  • Fix "Time to associate" and "WiFi associations" widgets not loading correctly on custom dashboard.
  • Fix setting speed/duplex on disabled interfaces of USG-XG-8.
  • Fix a bug that could prevent admins from being able to switch sites.
  • Fix DNS rules for guest VLANs.
  • Temporarily limit MongoDB support to releases prior to 3.6.x (currently 3.4.14 is recommended).
  • Various backend bug fixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • IPS Signature Suppression.
  • Radio AI for automatic channel planning.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.3:

  • Dashboard loading optimizations.
  • Use shorter country names.
  • WiFi Traffic distribution: Add warning when there are devices with not allowed channels.
  • Dashboard: allow last 1 hour time range.
  • Fix downloading autobackup via
  • Fix editing WLANs via group config.
  • Fix filtering of top APs, and improve performance of stats filtering.
  • Fix available wireless uplinks so disabled radios/APs are not displayed.
  • Fix upgrade failed event when scheduled upgrade runs and device is on latest firmware.
  • Only enable source validation for single WAN use cases.
  • Various backend bug fixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • Add speed and duplex config for USG interfaces.
  • Add Fallback VLAN support for USW when using 802.1X.
  • Add local SSO login.
  • Add Controller HD and Micro SD free space monitoring to admin notification settings.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.2:

  • Update translations.
  • Make popover-calendar scrollable for mobile view.
  • Improve reported topology when using wireless uplinks.
  • Fix missing coverage on SVG maps in some cases.
  • Fix incorrect client signal value in ap's property panel and clients list.
  • Fix Hotspot Manager and Site Overview with WebRTC connection.
  • Fix provisioning of RADIUS accounting when using MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB).
  • Fix a bug with L3 wireless adoption.
  • Fix downloading controller backup using Firefox.
  • Fix IPv6 PD Prefix ID validation and config generation.
  • Show the WLAN VLAN is RADIUS assigned in the WLAN list, when it is.
  • Hide Elite ToS accept button for unsupported countries.
  • Various backend bugfixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • Add UniFi app switcher.
  • Add per radio uplink control.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.9.1:

  • Show more accurate client's device images in property panel.
  • Remove outdated dynamic dashboard preference.
  • Improve performance on new dashboard.
  • Fix info box display in Elite Device settings.
  • Fix Safari black ISP graphs.
  • Fix backup on Cloud Key.
  • Update dashboard modules translations.
  • Several wireless adoption/uplink improvements.
  • Various backend bugfixes and improvements.

New Features:

  • New Dashboard.
  • Add support IPS signature categories control.

Controller bug fixes/changes since 5.8.10:

  • Allow setting Management VLAN at Access Points.
  • Allow customizing AC-IW/Pro Ethernet port profile.
  • Extend Client statistics signal level range.
  • Improve blocking opening device terminal for not supported devices.
  • IPS: limit USG3 category options.
  • Load App Designer library dynamically to make main app smaller.
  • Tweak Topology lines shape to avoid overlapping with text labels.
  • Topology: show wireless Client's channel.
  • Update translations.
  • Add labels to carousel arrows.
  • Allow to forget clients.
  • Topology on Safari - fix node labels position shifted up.
  • Show Hardware Offload as off when Smart Queues are enabled, don't allow it to be turned on.
  • Property Panel - workaround for text selection.
  • Fix position of popovers.
  • Update translations.
  • Encode USG hosted RADIUS user passwords in base64.
  • Various backend bugfixes and improvements.

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