Welcome to the Ubiquiti Networks Community Wiki.

We're just getting started, but our plan is to be a single source of truth. We'll host guides that just get buried in the community forums, cheatsheets of useful commands and tips, and product details that aren't clear elsewhere.
Please feel free to chat and contribute

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Product Information

Ubiquiti is a hardware manufacturer with products that gross several different segments. They also release custom software to manage their fleet of hardware. We try to keep track of the products as we know about, documenting the nuances and changes from the community perspective

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Tutorials and Guides

Ubiquiti Community generated guides, both here and linked elsewhere, that we find useful and informative.

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Tip and Tricks

Similar to guides, but generally shorter and to the point.

Tips and Tricks

FAQ & Info

Commonly asked questions or general information about UI, Our community, or general life guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some general resources that contribute to the community or the community finds useful to help us share information, collaborate, and help one another.

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